Worth Advertising Group Introduces The InfoRide™ App

InfoRide™ New Car Deals & Incentives App

Connecting Car Buyers with OEMs and Local Dealerships We have created a great app which gives car buyers instant access to the latest sales pricing on new vehicles and services. InfoRide™ gives the consumer a one-stop shop for all National & Regional incentives from the manufacturer or dealer. Car Deals App Currently Available For iPhone … Read more

How Emails Can Help Dealerships Reach New Car Buyers and To Boost More Sales

How Email Marketing Can Boost New Car Sales at Dealerships

Connecting Dealers With People In The Market For A New Car The numbers are growing in 2020 for people shopping for new vehicles online. Mostly due to Covid-19, although the industry was starting to shift towards more internet based sales. One of the easiest ways for car dealerships to reach new cars buyers in their … Read more

Real Estate Professionals Can Benefit From Using Automotive Data To Reach Consumers

Real Estate Email Marketing Lists

Targeted Auto Buyer Data For Real Estate Email Marketing Car dealerships and manufacturers send out high volume marketing emails and direct mail pieces to very targeted consumer lists. This same information can be beneficial to the Real Estate industry as it allows you reach people who match your buyer requirements. Using a highly targeted lead … Read more

WorthAuto Integration with NinjaCat

WAG Automotive Email Marketing Platform The Worth Advertising Group (WAG) email management system is integrated with NinjaCat so automotive marketers and dealerships can view all of their marketing data in one place. By linking WAG with NinjaCat, it allows you to view your automotive email campaign stats along with other sources of marketing data. This … Read more

2020 Automotive Industry Conferences and Trade Shows in Las Vegas

2020 2020 Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows

Must-Attend Auto Events Coming To Las Vegas There are four automotive conferences and trades shows in 2020 you will want to attend in Las Vegas. Each of these events are geared for people working in the automotive industry and each one offers something different and unique. You’ll get introduced to new vehicles coming to the … Read more

Automotive Sales: Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

Increase Car Sales With Email Marketing

Email Marketing Content Ideas Email marketing for car dealers is win-win advertising tactic. Auto dealerships benefit from email marketing campaigns because it’s affordable to send multiple messages to a target audience. Automotive email campaigns are an effective way to reach car buyers within your designated market area (DMA). We offer several automotive email marketing content … Read more

Automotive Digital Marketing Agency

Automotive Digital Marketing Agency Strategies

Gainesville Digital Marketing Agency For Car Dealers Worth Advertising Group is a automotive digital marketing agency located in Gainesville, FL. We are focused on providing automotive dealership’s all over the United States with email marketing and online advertising services to target in-market car buyers. We customize our digital marketing plans to fit each specific car … Read more

Create Local Search Ads To Advertise Your Dealership In Google Map Results

Get The Top Car Dealer Position In Google Map Results With Local Search Ad One of the most powerful ways to attract local car buyers and people seeking to service their vehicles is by setting up automotive PPC ads to advertise on Google Maps. If you want to get your dealership in front of competitors, … Read more