2021 Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows

Must-Attend Auto Event Dates Happening in 2021 The automotive conferences planned for 2021 will be a little different than previous years due to Covid-19. Most of your favorite trade shows are back – NADA, Digital Dealer and SEMA Show. You’ll get to see the newest vehicles and products as well as attend informative sessions to … Read more

Targeted Automotive Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails To Generate New Car Sales Leads

Automotive Lead Generation Email Marketing Companies Choosing the right automotive email marketing lead generation company should be based on the quality of in-market car buyer data the agency has available. There are hundreds of email list and deployment companies who offer targeted automotive email marketing campaign support, however many times dealerships and OEMs end up … Read more

Automotive Customer Retention Strategies For Dealerships

Automotive Customer Retention Strategies For Dealerships

How Can My Car Dealerships Retain Customers It takes a lot of effort to gain a new customer so why would you not do everything in your power to retain them for repeat business? Nurturing a new or used car buyer after the purchase is an essential part of keeping a dealership profitable. This is … Read more

Car Buyer Lead Generation App For Automotive Dealerships

Car Buyer Lead Generation App For Automotive Dealerships

Vehicle Selling Mobile App For Car Dealers Dealerships are always looking for new ways to find in-market car buyers and automotive mobile apps are a great place to advertise. Vehicle purchase apps give dealers access to consumers who are shopping for new vehicles in your local area. Internet Leads Alternative For Car Sales Most online … Read more

Worth Advertising Group Introduces The InfoRide™ App

InfoRide™ New Car Deals & Incentives App

Connecting Car Buyers with OEMs and Local Dealerships We have created a great app which gives car buyers instant access to the latest sales pricing on new vehicles and services. InfoRide™ gives the consumer a one-stop shop for all National & Regional incentives from the manufacturer or dealer. Car Deals App Currently Available For iPhone … Read more

How Emails Can Help Dealerships Reach New Car Buyers and To Boost More Sales

How Email Marketing Can Boost New Car Sales at Dealerships

Connecting Dealers With People In The Market For A New Car The numbers are growing in 2020 for people shopping for new vehicles online. Mostly due to Covid-19, although the industry was starting to shift towards more internet based sales. One of the easiest ways for car dealerships to reach new cars buyers in their … Read more