Why Your Dealership Needs Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing Ad Campaigns For Dealerships

Tips For Connecting With In-Market Car Buyer Consumers If your business is not utilizing retargeting ads to keep your dealership front and center in the eyes of consumers who have visited either your dealer website or social media pages, then you are losing out and your competitors are gaining them through conquest marketing. So what … Read more

Marketing Regions For Automotive Conquest Advertising In The United States

Car Markets In The United States

National Sales Areas For Car Dealerships & Automotive Franchise Groups Automotive dealerships are assigned a designated market area (DMA) by their automobile manufacturer to keep one car dealer from invading on another dealership’s sales area who is selling same brand(s). This breakdown starts at the regional and state level and then works down into county, … Read more

What Is Automotive Conquest Email Marketing?

What Are Conquest Marketing Emails

Conquest Automotive Email Marketing for Auto Dealers and OEMs If you work in the automotive industry and sell cars, you have more than likely heard the terms “conquest marketing” or “targeted conquest emails”. While these are popular digital marketing tactics dealerships use to promote car sales, not everyone knows exactly what this type of marketing … Read more

How Auto Dealerships Can Improve Marketing By Utilizing Data-Driven Targeting

What worked just a few years ago for dealers is not the same today, with the influx of using mobile devices, consumers have changed the way they research products and how they make decisions to purchase a vehicle. Regardless of the generation, consumer behavior now requires dealerships to alter the way they reach their targeted audience. … Read more

Social Media Helps Auto Dealerships Build Valuable Relationships With Consumers

The automotive industry is dependent on positive consumer experiences and this is why social media is a great tool as it allows dealerships to build authentic relationships with their current customers and connect with potential ones. By actively interacting with your business’s followers, your dealership will benefit in the following areas: Search Visibility | Brand … Read more

How Traditional Advertising Now Works Side-By-Side With Digital Marketing

Most automotive dealers will set their annual marketing budget to focus mainly on traditional advertising methods (print, TV and radio) and while these sources produce positive results, they may no longer match the ROI from just a few years ago. This is partly due to the internet changing the way many dealerships approach marketing, as … Read more

Social Media Allows Auto Dealers To Increase Their Online Presence

Dealers not utilizing social media, even if on a very small scale, are losing out on exposure and interaction with consumers who could potentially walk into your automotive dealership. Social media use is steady and WAG can assure you it is not going away any time soon, if anything it is going to continue to … Read more