How To Legally Send Unsolicited Automotive Emails In The USA

The Best Way For Automotive Dealers and OEMs To Send Bulk Emails Without Permission or An Opt-In

In 2003, President George W. Bush signed a new bill into law, the CAN-SPAM Act. It was enacted to stop spam abuse.

Due to this law, it makes it difficult for dealerships and OEM groups to send out automotive email campaigns to people who have never received an email solicitation from them before. Many have tried using services such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact to attempt sending a marketing campaign to a 3rd party list only to end up with their account frozen or closed without notice for spam abuse.

Sending Conquest Emails To Unsolicited Email Addresses

One of the best tactics for acquiring new customers is to invest in automotive conquest email marketing. Its a great way to reach out to potential car buyers who have previously purchased vehicles from other manufacturers or competitors in an attempt to make a sale. Typically, these types of automotive consumers have never received an email from you. They do not know your dealership or vehicle brand nor have they given you permission to send them emails.

How To Safely Send Marketing Emails To An Email List Of Subscribers Who Did Not Opt-In

Our advice, have our automotive email marketing agency send it on your behalf using our trusted email lists. We specialize in conquest emails by providing consumer lists for tier one, tier two and tier three automotive email marketing. WAG takes measures to ensure you are emailing to consumers and prospects who have given permission.

Worth Advertising Group Adheres To ALL CAN-SPAM Laws When Sending Bulk Emails

If you have a personal, 3rd party or a “trusted source” list that you wish to send emails, Worth Advertising Group can help. All emails sent from our servers are CAN-SPAM compliant and we adhere to the law.

Email Subject Reflects The Content – Honest & Truthful Advertising

All email subject lines need to be factual when written to describe what the email contains inside. We do not allow deceptive subject lines to trick people to open an email. An example of a deceptive subject line would be an an offer for a free oil change in the subject line and the email actually contains new vehicles available for sale. This is a SPAM-CAN violation.

Sending To Opted-In Subscribers – Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Email Marketing Lists

Trust us when we tell you to stick to sending to only opted-in email subscribers. We know its so tempting to want to advertise to a 3rd party email marketing list from your own email platform but it can be disastrous. Your email marketing system or service may flag you for abuse and deactivate your account. Use our email deployment services instead, we have clean email lists containing subscribers who gave us permission to email them.

Physical Business Addresses Displayed – Postal Address For Opt-Out

We always display a physical mailing address in the bottom of the email footer, its a SPAM-CAN requirement. Each email campaign we deploy will contain a company street address for subscribers who prefer to send a postcard or letter as a way of unsubscribing instead of doing it online.

Easy To Unsubscribe – Required Opt-Out Link In Email Footer

Every email we send out contains a clear and visible unsubscribe link so email recipients can opt-out from receiving future emails. We process all unsubscribe requests quickly to keep our email lists clean and viable.

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